Ashley Lines is Hero of the Month at Hulton House

Healthcare assistant Ashley Lines has been nominated Hero of the Month at the inaugural awards at Hulton House.

The Hero of the Month awards, which recognise extraordinary members of staff who stand out as a shining example, were launched in May 2020.

Ashley, who lives in Blackpool with his partner her 5 year son and their 1 year old baby son, said he was ‘Honoured.’ He went on to say “I didn’t think I was doing anything out of the ordinary at all. I was just doing my job, but it is nice to be noticed, it makes me want to work harder and keep it up.” 

Ashley Lines receiving his Hero of the Month award from Hulton House Home manager, Sharon Haydock Myers
Ashley Lines receiving his Hero of the Month award from Hulton House Home manager, Sharon Haydock Myers

Ashley joined Hulton House at the height of the pandemic and when Hulton House was closed to visitors. He had previously been working in the hospitality sector and having seen the demise of his partner’s grandma through dementia, he came to understand the importance of good dementia care. “I learned first-hand as a family member just how important communication between the home and the family was, how we would hang onto every tiny detail that was given to us and how much it meant to know everything that was happening every day. After my partner’s grandma passed away, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the care sector, I knew I could make a meaningful difference to people’s lives. I look around and found Hulton House, it had not long been open and already had a great reputation, I got an interview and just loved it.”   

Ashley thoughts are certainly reflected in the four nominations he received. Denise Taylor, daughter of one of Hulton’s residents said “Ashley goes above and beyond his duties, nothing is too much trouble for him. I can hear over the phone how he comforts Dad which makes me feel so happy and reassured that I chose the right care home.” 

Ashley says that in communicating with family members, he tells them every detail of his resident’s daily routine. “From what sort of night they had, what they have planned for the day ahead, what and how much breakfast they had and what sort of mood they are in. He says knowing every tiny little detail is like they are here with them; they can picture what’s going on at different times for the rest of the day.” 

Because Ashley joined during lockdown, he has never met the families of residents. How life is now in the home is quite normal to him. So, the relationships he has developed with family members has been over the phone or video calls. 

Finding a role that makes difference to other people’s lives has also made a difference to his own life. “I am a happier more contented person in general since I started working here” said Ashley. This was certainly reflected by a friend who also nominated him. Luke Walton his oldest and best friend said “I have noticed that Ashley is stronger, calmer and a better family man. Not only is he a credit to your workplace, it seems the workplace is a credit to him too. I truly have never seen him happier.”

Ashley believes that Hulton House is full of people who have a genuine desire to care, and both the staff and the residents cheer you on. It’s one of those places where everyone is helpful, nobody says a bad word, there are never any problems, and everyone is amazing. I’m just a part of one great team. I’d like to thank everyone who nominated me, it’s really motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing and work hard.’ 

Home manager Sharon Haydock Myers said, “Ashley received the most nominations and was chosen for the compassion he shows not only to our residents, but also to their families. Nothing is too much trouble.” 

“Ashley is a prime example of how reevaluating your life can bring a feeling of contentment and can also help you find your vocation.” Said Jeanne Davies, managing director of L&M Healthcare. “It’s happened for so many members of staff who have joined us recently. People who came to us having lost their jobs as businesses closed during lockdown, initially came because they needed work and had transferable skills, but they soon found that working in the care sector is not what they thought and is far more rewarding than they ever imagined. Making a difference to people’s lives matters. Especially when they are in the twilight of their years. We make a difference to our resident’s lives every single day.”

The Hero of the Month awards is a new initiative introduced by L&M Healthcare and is now open across all our homes in North West of England. It is a public award, where members of the public, residents, family members or colleagues can nominate who they think is deserving and the home manager selects the winner. It has been specially set up to recognise the extraordinary efforts that staff are putting into their work throughout the current pandemic. There are also two other awards schemes running which recognise the daily contributions staff are making to the running out their homes; ‘Go the Extra Mile’ GEM awards and Employee of the Month awards.

“We are so proud of all our staff” said Jeanne Davies, managing director of L&M Healthcare, “These are challenging times to work in and staff like Ashley have really stepped up to the challenge. It’s only right that they should have the recognition they deserve.” 

The Hero of the Month Award nominations close on the 28th of each month, the winner is chosen and will then appear on the company website and Facebook page. If you would like to nominate one of Hulton House staff for this award, please contact the home manager.  

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