Cherry Tree Staff make Christmas wish come true

At Christmas, Judith took part in our Christmas wishes video campaign on social media in which we asked our residents, if they could have just one wish this Christmas what would it be?  Judith’s wish was a little unusual, she wished to go to a Caribbean island with a hunky man, although there was one caveat, she said he must not be dressed in Speedo’s as she doesn’t like Speedos! 

Well as its not possible for Judith to travel to the Caribbean at the moment, staff at Cherry Tree House thought they would bring the Caribbean to her. So the afternoon of Thursday 5th March was Caribbean themed, complete with blow up palm trees, Caribbean sounds and cocktails served by, you guessed it, a hunky man AKA David Hunter.  Staff were very careful to ensure he wasn’t wearing Speedos and, that he was wearing just enough to be decent in his capacity as a hunky waiter dedicated to looking after Judith’s very need for the afternoon. 

Although this made Judith’s wish come true all our residents got to join in the fun and it made for a bright and fun filled memorable occasion and a wonderful way to put a Spring in their steps. Some of staff were pretty impressed with his service too. 

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