Covid – 19 update on visiting arrangements 25.09.20

Following on from the announcement of stronger measures imposed by the Government, Local Authorities in Warrington and Stockport have confirmed that Whittle Hall, Gainsborough House and Cherry Tree House have to postpone window visits.

Finney House and Hulton House in Preston although they are closed to visitors, the Local Authority has confirmed they are now able to offer window visits.

Our home and gardens remain closed but, we are creating a ‘window of opportunity’ to visit.

Over the last few months our teams have been working incredibly hard to reduce the impact of Covid-19 in our homes. As the Government lockdown is easing, we still want to minimise the risks of someone bringing it into our homes so for that reason we will not be allowing visitors into our homes or gardens just yet.

At the same time, we understand your desire to see your loved one, so we are proposing a three-phase approach to opening up visiting;

Phase 1: – A ‘window of opportunity ’ to have a restricted visit outside certain windows off the car park. This will be the opportunity to view and chat with your loved one through a window, either their own window if the room is on the ground floor facing the car park or in a what we will call a safe viewing room which will be a communal room facing the car park. We will not be allowing visitors into our homes or gardens.

We would like to initiate phase 1 visiting from Tuesday 14th July 2020, this will require families/loved ones to call the home to organise the window visit, you will be allowed to see your loved one for 30 minutes at a time, this timeframe is in place for a number of reasons, firstly to ensure as many people get to see their loved ones as possible but also as the residents will be escorted by staff and we will need to be very organised with staff on the units to not compromise the safety of other residents.

Phase 2: – This will be an organised garden visitation in a gazebo set up for visiting so our residents can spend time with two members of family from the same household.

Phase 3: – This will be when we are finally ok to allow visitors into our building to spend time with their loved ones, there may be restrictions in place whist in the home but we will ensure this has been organised well before phase 3 is initiated.

The idea behind the phased approach is so that we can move up the phases of restrictions and also down if we see any Covid -19 cases.

We understand that this may be a little disappointing for you, but we truly believe this is the best way to keep our residents, and our staff safe, and that has to be our number one priority.

Once we have seen what effects the most recent easing of restrictions has on the spread of the virus, we will be able to reconsider and put out another communication to keep everyone up to speed. But for now, we politely ask that you remain patient and respect our decision around the phased approach.

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