Gainsborough House gets an Interactive Activity Touch Table

They say that great things come in small packages and technology is getting smaller, but for the lucky residents at Gainsborough House giant technology in a big package is definitely the best. 

Residents there have recently received an Interactive Activity Touch Table, something that looks to all intents and purposes like a giant iPad and functions in a pretty similar way to any tablet or smart phone. Its perfect for the care home environment and keeps residents engaged through a variety of games, brain training apps and streamlined services. The giant screen makes it easier for residents to see and can be turned 90 degrees horizontally to make it into a table to play things like ice hockey on.

It’s a fantastic piece of equipment that can enable up to four residents to take part at one time. It operates remotely without cables so it can be used in resident’s bedrooms and throughout the home with no restrictions, its connected via wifi so that apps like Skype can connect with resident’s families and Google Earth can be used to find places that hold significance to them. They can download hundreds of  app such as sensory apps to soothe or word search and drawing apps that can be used to stimulate and encourage the use of motor skills and get residents thinking. 

Next time you visit, be sure to ask our activities coordinators if you can have a play! 

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