L&M Healthcare are Finalist at BNJ Awards

L&M Healthcare are delighted to announce that the Activities Evaluation Study conducted at Whittle Hall is a finalist for the Innovation Award at the British Nursing Journal Awards 2020. It is already a fantastic achievement to be a finalist, as this award recognises the quality and innovative nature of the work that is being done at Whittle Hall.

The study team, led by home manager Deborah Payne, undertook a two week study to see if just 5 minutes activity, 5 minutes before a meal time could improve the health and well being of people living with dementia. They documented some marvellous results and the plan now is to make this a part of life at Whittle Hall and across L&M Healthcare. The team are also in discussions with Bradford University to see how the study can be developed into a full research study and provide evidence that may benefit everyone living with dementia.

‘This has been such an amazing experience for everyone involved, staff residents and their families’ said Jeanne Davies, managing Director of L&M Healthcare. ‘What we learned has been invaluable, we already had all the resources needed to do this, the innovation was in the timing and how and when they were used. I am so proud of my team and what they have achieved. L&M Healthcare constantly look for innovative ways in which we can improve the quality of life for our residents living with dementia and this is a prime example of how we put this into aim into practice.’ 

Winners will be announced on March 20th at a gala dinner and awards ceremony to be held at Shakespeare’s Underglobe in London.  

British Nursing Journal Awards 2020 - Finalist
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