About Finney House

Everything about Finney House is designed to create an atmosphere of home, warmth and care; and whilst it functions as an exceptionally well-run residential, general nursing, palliative care, dementia palliative care, dementia nursing and dementia residential residence with room for 96 guests. It does so in the context of surroundings which have the look and feel, décor and layout of an exceptionally comfortable and well-appointed five-star hotel.

Finney House Lounge

Within this beautiful, happy and cheerful environment, residents aged 65 and over are looked after with exceptional one-to-one care, and the highest professional standards for Residential and General Nursing Care devoted to enriching the lives of both residents and their families: through love and support, stimulation and communication – and the provision of first – class facilities delivered by highly trained and dedicated staff.

There is a ‘Hub’ at the heart of each floor at Finney House; this is a large and comfortable area which residents are encouraged to visit regularly for conversation with fellow guests, staff and visitors.


Finney House Communal Hub

Finney House Communal Bar area

Finney House Community Library

Cherry Tree House Team image

  • Must be one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen!

  • I’d be happy to put either of my parents in here.

  • Well. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whoever’s built it has done a damn good job!

  • There’s space for people to sit around and have their own time. Absolutely stunning.

  • Yes. I could live here quite happily. Yes. I’m 76 years old and my husband is 82. We don’t live very far away so it would be like a real home from home.

  • Lovely, just like a five star hotel.

  • It’s very impressive, obviously finished to a very high standard, very roomy, yes am mightily impressed.

  • It’s good really, like a first class hotel for me, that’s my thoughts.

  • I’m just blown away to be honest with you. I’ve never seen a place like it in my life. It looks good from the outside even. When you come inside it’s like walking in heaven and that’s where I’ll be when I come here.

  • Yes, the place is absolutely gorgeous, absolutely fabulous and very tastefully done.