Activities at Finney House

To entertain and stimulate our residents, we offer a regular programme of exciting and inclusive activities, such as:

  • Trips to places of interest
  • Visits from professional musicians and entertainers
  • Guided walks round the communal sensory gardens
  • Weekly chair based exercise classes
  • Board games such as scrabble and dominoes
  • Card games such as ‘Play your cards right’
  • Arts and crafts

All activities are led by our activities coordinators. If your loved one has a special interest or hobby that is not listed here, don’t worry, we will support any special interests or pastimes.

Residents are actively encouraged to take advantage of our hair and beauty salon where they can enjoy pedicures, manicures, massages, hair cutting and styling.

We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our residents in meaningful and interesting activities, occasionally these are ones that they might be trying for the first time in their lives. Here we see just how well a group of residents from Finney House aged between 83 and 99 have embraced taking part in a radio play written specially for them.  

A spoof of a radio play classic, ‘The Haharchers’ is a fictitious comedy snap-shot of daily life at Finney House. Episode one ‘The New Gardener’ begins with several residents sitting and chatting together while waiting for afternoon tea to be served. They are looking out of the window watching the comings and goings on the car park. One of them spots the arrival of a new van that they’ve not seen before, before we know it there is an unexpected turn of events……………. 

Disclaimer: No cars, gardeners or home manager’s husbands were injured in the making of this play and we can assure you that the length of the grass here is never a disgrace!

Gainsborough House Activities playing cards

Finney House Cinema

Gainsborough House female resident reading

Finney House Gardens

  • Must be one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen!

  • I’d be happy to put either of my parents in here.

  • Well. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whoever’s built it has done a damn good job!

  • There’s space for people to sit around and have their own time. Absolutely stunning.

  • Yes. I could live here quite happily. Yes. I’m 76 years old and my husband is 82. We don’t live very far away so it would be like a real home from home.

  • Lovely, just like a five star hotel.

  • It’s very impressive, obviously finished to a very high standard, very roomy, yes am mightily impressed.

  • It’s good really, like a first class hotel for me, that’s my thoughts.

  • I’m just blown away to be honest with you. I’ve never seen a place like it in my life. It looks good from the outside even. When you come inside it’s like walking in heaven and that’s where I’ll be when I come here.

  • Yes, the place is absolutely gorgeous, absolutely fabulous and very tastefully done.