Dining at Finney House

Well-balanced nutrition can help significantly to promote, preserve and enhance the health and well-being of older and vulnerable people; so all our residents enjoy regular, nourishing meals made from premium-quality produce supplied by Apetito and prepared in our own kitchens. A wide choice of dishes is offered at each mealtime, and menus can be perused in advance so that residents can choose their preferred dishes before dining.

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Meals are served in our stunning bistro style dining rooms but if preferred, room service is available 24 hours. Family members are welcome to dine should you wish to do so (there is a nominal charge per head, and we do ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice). If you’d like to try a sample before hand please ask.

We have a relaxed (but common-sense) attitude to alcohol, so if you and your loved one enjoy a meal-time tipple, you can bring your own – or we can supply wine/beer on request (cost applicable).

Tea and coffee is available at all times.

Sample menu


Minestrone soup with fresh Parmesan and home made bread

Jacket potato with cheese and beans


Sticky toffee pudding or plum crumble served with custard


Cottage pie or sausage casserole

Served with potato wedges or mashed potato

Sliced carrots, broccoli and cauliflower

LM Healthcare Dining Chopping veg

LM Healthcare Dining

LM Healthcare Dining lemon water

Finney House Dining Room

Finney House Dining Room

Finney House Dining Room

Finney House Dining Room

LM Healthcare Kitchen Supervisor

Finney House Communal Bar area

Finney House Garden lunches

  • Must be one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen!

  • I’d be happy to put either of my parents in here.

  • Well. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whoever’s built it has done a damn good job!

  • There’s space for people to sit around and have their own time. Absolutely stunning.

  • Yes. I could live here quite happily. Yes. I’m 76 years old and my husband is 82. We don’t live very far away so it would be like a real home from home.

  • Lovely, just like a five star hotel.

  • It’s very impressive, obviously finished to a very high standard, very roomy, yes am mightily impressed.

  • It’s good really, like a first class hotel for me, that’s my thoughts.

  • I’m just blown away to be honest with you. I’ve never seen a place like it in my life. It looks good from the outside even. When you come inside it’s like walking in heaven and that’s where I’ll be when I come here.

  • Yes, the place is absolutely gorgeous, absolutely fabulous and very tastefully done.