Dementia Plus Care

Hulton House’s Dementia Plus facility is based on our award winning facility at Whittle Hall in Warrington which launched in 2017. It is bespoke designed to care for residents with more complex and challenging behaviours and each facility can house up to 11 residents.

The design scheme is based on recommendations of good practice from Stirling University and focuses on providing excellent facilities that as well as being fit for purpose, still have the luxury feel that an L&M Healthcare home is known for.

There are themed wall murals within the household, that depict ordinary life such as a fresh vegetable market, a bus stop, a launderette, a seaside pier and a sport shop. Each mural is brought to life with items you would expect to find in the environment like a bus ticket, bus conductors hat, vegetables and sports equipment that can all be handled.  Bedroom doors have contrasting colours to the surrounding walls and frame to help residents identify their own room. Each bedroom has a name plate on the door with memory boxes placed outside which contain meaningful reminders for residents to aid orientation to their rooms.

All bedrooms have ensuite facilities with a spacious wet room shower, sink and toilet. All toilet seats are in colours that contrast with the toilet and ensuite surfaces to aid residents in identifying the toilet.

The main shower room has a coloured dignity screen to aid privacy for our residents, is very spacious to aid with moving and handling and is beautifully decorated.

The corridors are extremely wide and spacious to give a feeling of space and to minimise the feeling of being restricted. Handrails on the main corridors are contrasted against the décor to aid residents with dementia to find their way around the household. Flooring is the same colour throughout the communal areas, corridors and bedrooms with no stark contrasts at floor level which can pose as a hazard.

Furniture in the home has been chosen in colours that contrast with walls and flooring, and specialist dementia signage and directional signage is located around the household to help orientation for residents.

The garden was designed to be easily accessible from the lounge and dining area with double patio doors into an enclosed dementia friendly garden. The garden has a free flowing loop design with a clearly defined pathway. Residents within the household have open access to the garden which is fully secure and located in the internal courtyard.

Since Whittle Hall opened in August 2017 they have welcomed residents into their household and all have settled well into their dementia plus service. The calm spacious environment has had a positive impact on their residents who while having more complex behaviours have responded well to the high staffing levels, therapeutic support from our staff and comfortable, purpose designed environment.

  • Must be one of the nicest places I’ve ever seen!

  • Well. It’s just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Whoever’s built it has done a damn good job!

  • The care my father has received has been second to none. I cannot thank you enough for the work you do. You are a shining example of how a nursing home should be run.

  • This is an outstanding care home with friendly and approachable staff. On a first impression it reminds me of a five star hotel. My grandma settled in from day one!

  • The facilities, food, activities, cleanliness etc are all as you would expect from a first class care home. We are really impressed and we would have no hesitation in recommending you.

  • I’d be happy to put either of my parents in here.

  • There’s space for people to sit around and have their own time. Absolutely stunning.

  • Yes. I could live here quite happily. Yes. I’m 76 years old and my husband is 82. We don’t live very far away so it would be like a real home from home.

  • It’s very impressive, obviously finished to a very high standard, very roomy, yes am mightily impressed.

  • I’m just blown away to be honest with you. I’ve never seen a place like it in my life. It looks good from the outside even. When you come inside it’s like walking in heaven and that’s where I’ll be when I come here.