SAP Maria Smith is Hero of the Month at Cherry Tree House

Senior Advanced Practitioner Maria Smith has been awarded Hero of the Month at Cherry Tree House. 25 years old Maria was nominated by Cherry Tree’s Clinical Lead following some excellent feedback from paramedics during recent visits they have made to the home. They said her handovers were fantastic, everything was ready for them on their arrival and everything that needed to be done had been done to an excellent standard. When needing urgent medical treatment, time is always of the essence, a swift professional handover, saves time and ensures that the resident receives exactly the right treatment. 

‘Maria is always calm and extremely professional when handing over responsibility of care to paramedics. It is so pleasing to hear that they took the time and trouble to ensure that her efforts are recognised’. Said Val Shaughnessy, Home Manager. ‘Maria is quiet and unassuming by nature which helps her stay calm in any crisis. Critical for any care provider. She always puts our residents first and will pick up any extra shifts when the need arises’.

When asked how she felt about receiving the award Maria said she felt ‘Honoured to be honest. It’s quite a proud moment for me’. 

Maria has been working in the care sector since she left college 7 years ago. At college she studied a BTEC in Public Services which covered the Fire Service, the Army, the Ambulance Service and the Police. All quite heroic occupations, but in the end she chose a career in care. Isn’t it ironic she has ended up being our very own hero!

‘Many of our staff have been heroes during the last twelve months, we are always mindful of their efforts and truly appreciate the work that they do. But when a member of staff stands out like this to external professionals, so much so that they took the trouble to speak to us about it, that makes me immensely proud. Maria is a shining example of a Senior Advanced Practitioner’. said Jeanne Davies Managing Director.

Outside of work Maria lives in Offerton with her fiancé Jess who is also a SAP at Cherry Tree, although she does work on a different unit. So, we will have a Cherry Tree House wedding to look forward to at some point in the future. 

As well as a certificate and a small gift from Home Manager Val, Maria wins £100 worth of Amazon vouchers from head office.  

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