‘The Haharchers’ – a better ending than ‘Line of Duty!’

Just in case you missed it ….. here’s another chance to hear that moment when ‘The Haharchers’ made BBC Radio Lancashire and Graham Liver, the breakfast show’s presenter told listeners that ‘It had a better ending than Line of Duty!’

A spoof of a radio play classic, ‘The Haharchers’ is a fictitious comedy snap-shot of daily life at Finney House in Preston. Episode one ‘The New Gardener’ begins with several residents sitting and chatting together while waiting for afternoon tea to be served. They are looking out of the window watching the comings and goings on the car park. One of them spots the arrival of a new van, one that they’ve not seen before, before we know it there is an unexpected turn of events…………….

Disclaimer: No cars, gardeners or home manager’s husbands were injured in the making of this play and we can assure you that the length of the grass at Finney House is never a disgrace!

Residents from Finney House aged 83-99 years were the actors in this play that was specially written for them by Louise Harder, who looks after all of L&M Healthcare’s brand communications.  Director of Clinical Quality & Governance, Jo Fogg and Louise Harder were interviewed during the seven-minute piece. It aired yesterday, Tuesday 4th May at 0820 am. 

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