Today we air Episode 5 of The Haharchers called ‘The Garden Party’.

If you’ve not had chance to hear one yet, The Haharchers is Finney House’s very own radio play series, specially written and produced just for them. This episode features two of our fabulous residents who are aged 90 and 99, which shows that you are never too old to try something new.  

The scene is set with Residents looking forward to a garden party which is happening today.

Just as the party is about to start an unexpected visitor turns up and things take an unexpected turn for the worse.  


New activities lady: Jen Stutter, Staff Member

Carer:  Sarah Hunter, staff member

Marj: Jenny aged 99, one of our fabulous lady residents

Roy: Derek aged 90, and one of our fabulous gentlemen residents 

Writer: Louise Harder

Editor: Philip Pitcher

Please be assured that our gardens are fully secure and that none of our garden parties have ever been gated crashed by a bull. Although some staff and residents do remain hopeful that Declan Rudd might ‘gate crash’ a party here one day.  

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