Today we air Episode four of The Haharchers – ‘The Film Crew’.

Residents have heard that a film crew are setting up in the garden and there’s an air of excitement. No-one knows why they are there, but residents soon start to speculate about what they are filming and who might be playing the lead role……..

Please be reassured that Finney House’s home manager does not have a rod of iron to rule with, however we can’t guarantee that she’ll never do that walk where she’s head down and on a mission. Happy listening!


Carer: Jen Stutter, staff member

June: Doreen aged 98 and one of our fabulous residents

Madge: Jenny aged 99, another of our fabulous residents

Roy: Derek aged 90 and one of our fabulous gentlemen residents

Voices recorded by: Jen Stutter

Writer: Louise Harder

Editor: Philip Pitcher.

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