Today we air Episode three of The Haharchers – ‘In hiding’.

Residents are hiding in the library. They are avoiding a new member of staff who wants to get them involved in chair exercises. She is driving them mad. She is far too enthusiastic, shouts because she thinks they are all deaf and, is way too posh for their liking.


New activities lady: Alison Porter, staff member

Carer 1: Jen Stutter, staff member

Carer2:  Sarah Hunter, staff member

Joan: Doreen aged 98 and one of our fabulous residents

Marj: Jenny aged 99, another of our fabulous residents

Roy: Derek aged 90 and one of our fabulous gentlemen residents

Writer: Louise Harder

Editor: Philip Pitcher

Please be reassured that none of our activity’s ladies are like a cross between Penelope Keith and Tigger on speed, residents usually love chair exercises, and it would never be possible for five of them to go AWOL.

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