Today we air episode two of The Haharchers, it’s called ‘The Hairdressers Boyfriend’

Two of our lady residents are in the in-home salon. They are discussing the hairdresser’s love life whilst having a cuppa and waiting for their hair to set. The hairdresser’s partner is suffering an apparent loss of interest and the ladies offer some practical advice and support. However, appearances, can sometimes be deceptive .……


Hairdresser: Jen Stutter, Staff member 

Joan:  Doreen aged 98 and one of our fabulous residents 

Marj: Jenny aged 99 and another of our fabulous residents

Writer: Louise Harder

Editor: Philip Pitcher

We can reassure you that no horses hooves were harmed in the making of this programme and we do not advocate rummaging through pockets as being the key to successful married life, so please do not try this at home.  

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