Valentine’s Day 2022 – Love was definitely in the air at L&M Healthcare

Our homes and offices were flooded with love yesterday as we were once again #sharingthelove for everyone living, working, supporting, or visiting with us on Valentine’s Day.  

We received lots of requests, which were all made into a ‘Love Fest’ radio show of epic proportions by producer/presenter and would-be Cupid himself, Paul Sparrey. There were also some songs that had been specially recorded for us by mezzo soprano, Flo Taylor.

The show was streamed through TV’s and handheld devices in all our homes and offices at 2.30 pm and links were also posted on facebook so that everyone could either join in at the same time or catch up later. 

We shared over 200 posts across our facebook pages, so everyone could see all the messages we had received. We also showed photographs of all the activities that were going on inside our homes throughout the week; making and sending cards, heart shaped positivity messages, salt dough decorations, cookies, photo booths, entertainers, romantic films, flowers, chocolate and sweet treats too. Our homes were beautifully decorated for the occasion making the day a totally immersive experience.

We owe a huge thanks to:

All our team members for putting in such a sterling effort to make this day special.

Paul Sparrey and Flo Taylor of Family Favourites Radio for producing such a fabulous show which gave Steve Wright a run for his money!

And, to all the people who contributed by sending in their words of love to share.

We were surrounded by romantics who put their heart and soul into the day to make it special, it was so full of love that you could actually feel it in the air.

If ‘All you need is love’ we are very lucky indeed because we have it in abundance.

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